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Posted 05/08/10 by Margaret Theodore
I was at the Oscar Macchioni concert in London last week and his playing has inspired me to buy a copy of Ginastera's Malambo. (I am a piano teacher and pianist.)  It is apparently unavailable here in the UK in either edition.  I have contacted publishers, music shops and online retailers and libraries, and there are no copies. I have now emailed Ricordi/Melos in Argentina but with no reponse so far.  Do you (or Mr Macchioni) have any suggestions as to how I can purchase this wonderful piece?  Many thanks for your time and help.
Comment 08/08/10 by ILAMS
Dear Margaret, if you go to and search under 'Ginastera', you will get his complete piano catalogue with links and full contact details for his publishers - Ricordi/Melos can usually tell you over the phone whether they have particular items in stock.  Good luck tracking it down, and do get in touch again if you get stuck!

Posted 18/05/10 by Peter Ttoouli
Just to say thank you for an incredible week of amazing music at Bolivar Hall. Can't even begin to pick a favourite concert - the artists were all truly stunning, from Dimitris and Marios on Tuesday through to the talk by John Williams (what a treat) and of course the Gala. The welcome received from staff at Bolivar Hall and the warmth of ILAMS representatives was a pleasure. Oh yes, and a little while ago I stumbled across a concert in St Martins in the field with Helen Glaisher-Hernández - what a wonderful afternoon. And talking of stumbling, why have I only just recently stumbled acrooss such an enriching organisation? Keep up the wonderful work!
Comment 20/05/10 by ILAMS
Dear Peter, thank you so much for your comments.  We look forward to seeing you at some of our forthcoming events.  Of particular interest may be our concert in August with Chilean guitarist José Antonio Escobar.  Look out for the information on the concerts page in the next few weeks.

Posted 22/03/10 by Rob Miller

Cool site.

Posted 28/10/09 by David Roe
The Coro Cervantes 'The Sacred Made Music' concert last week was a brilliant recital, (particularly as I had also managed to fit in going to the National Gallery exhibition 'The Sacred Made Real' that afternoon). I especially loved the Mompou piece.

What an explosion of wonderful music ILAMS has produced during the last few months! The London Classical Guitar Festival, (I was able to attend 4 of the concerts!), was fantastic, offering a wide range of excellent performers and repertoire. The recital and readings presented by Carlos Bonell and Cecilia Rodrigo gave an incredible insight into the life of the great composer Rodrigo. And the Coro Cervantes concert was, for me, an introduction to some new and beautiful music. I'm very much looking forward to more amazing ILAMS events, in particular, as I see from the excellent new ILAMS website, your Villa Lobos recital on 23rd November.
Comment 29/10/09 by ILAMS
Dear David, thank you for having been such a committed ILAMS 'follower' during the last few months.  When we receive comments like this it makes all our hard work seem all the more worth while.  We're very glad you've enjoyed our recent events, so watch this space for more treats to come in the New Year!

Posted 17/06/09 by Juliana Phelps
What a fantastic website!  The look and feel is visually stunning, compelling and beautifully put together. I have a doctorate in music but I'm learning more than I ever did about this repertoire from  I would like to quote some of your text; should I attribute this to anyone in particular?
Comment 20/06/09 by ILAMS
Hello Juliana, we are very glad you like the site.  Different parts of the site were written by different individuals from ILAMS.  Please email us with the sections you would like to reference and we can give you the appropriate names.  It would be great to have a copy of your research when it's completed, and perhaps there is also an opportunity to post  some of it on the site.

Posted 28/04/09 by Juanita Colina
To Classico Latino: gutted that I had to miss your gig at St John's Smith Square.  I hear it was a huge success and that Lizzie's dress was spectacular.  Hope to catch you next time!  Where can I buy your CD?
Comment 30/04/09 by ILAMS
Dear Juan, what a shame you missed the concert - it was a very memorable evening.  Classico Latino have a website,, and details about purchasing the CD are on there.

Posted 27/03/09 by red squirrel
I am desperately looking for a copy of the score for Caturla's 'Desolación' for violin and piano.  Does anyone happen to have a copy, or know where I can get one?  Thanks!
Comment 04/02/09 by ILAMS
Cuban scores are infamously difficult to obtain, as most of the Cuban catalogue is generally perpetually out of print.  We suggest you contact a Cuban violin and piano duo.  Please email us via our Contact Us page and we may be able to make some suggestions.
Comment 08/02/09 by Lucia Rodríguez
Hi Red Squirrel!  I have a copy!  Send me an email via ILAMS

Posted 03/02/09 by Gosia Kuznicki
What a wonderful recital at St James's yesterday!  I have never heard Hispanic art song performed with such authority and expression.  When can we hear this duo again???
Comment 04/02/09 by ILAMS
Yes, we are very lucky to have been able to host this duo.  Look out for them in 2011; other projects are curently under discussion.

Posted 19/01/09 by John Grandison-Hill
I just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic mailing list.  I have found your emails very useful, and have already been to several of the concerts, which were all brilliant!




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