Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the UK’s foremost collective of musicians, musicologists and music-lovers with a passion for Iberian and Latin American art music, and a hub for the creative exchange of ideas and resources.  Our manifesto is to provide a platform for 'serious' Luso-Hispanic music in order to challenge established perceptions surrounding cultural identities.

Our Mission

Our overarching aim is to challenge, educate, inspire and entertain London’s variegated audiences with a regular diary of concerts, master classes and lectures.

Our Mission Goals

  • To promote the rich classical repertoire of Iberia and Latin America on the UK concert scene, which is too often occluded from mainstream programming
  • To dislocate misconceptions and prejudices which support the secondary positioning of Iberian and Latin American repertoire in relation to canonical repertoire
  • To create performance opportunities for both rising young artistic talent and established Iberian and Latin American classical musicians
  • To challenge the typical ‘Northern’ monolithic view of Luso-Hispanic music by offering audiences the chance to hear authentic performances and diverse programmes which reflect its multifaceted heritage
  • To commission and premiere new Luso-Hispanic music to showcase its contemporary composers
  • To educate audiences through the contextualization of Iberian and Latin American music with lectures, lecture-recitals, master classes, and themed festivals through collaboration with eminent specialists in the field

Our values

  • Innovation – introducing the revolutionary spirit of Latin American Music into the classical music of the 21st century
  • Integrity – we aim to place artistic values consistently at the top of the cultural agenda with sincerity and commitment
  • Excellence – valuing through differentiation and quality, elevating a subjugated art form to its rightful platform
  • Diversity and Integration – by believing in the importance of cultural diversity and the power of music to bring beliefs, art forms and people of all ages and origins together



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