November 2010: Beethoven in the Amazon

November 2010: Beethoven in the Amazon

Keys of Change Brings Music Education to the Masses

88 fundraising events, 88 isolated communities and 88 piano keys enriching a countless number of lives.

Can music change the world? Greek concert pianist Panos Karan will set out on a musical journey in March 2011 to make sure it does, travelling 5000 miles along the Amazon river to take classical music to people that have never been exposed to music before. The main aim of this courageous and unique project, entitled Keys of Change is to open up the world of classical music and the incredible benefits of music education to the most remote audiences imaginable: those living in remote communities along the Amazon River who would never otherwise have such an opportunity.

Next March this journey will begin as one man and a keyboard brave the Amazonian waters on the first of many trips. This will be an ongoing project that aims not only to observe the raw reaction of those who have never before heard the mere tinkle of a piano, let alone a Chopin nocturne or a Rachmaninov concerto, but to raise awareness of the ultimate importance of music education to a child’s development, no matter where in the world they are being educated, and to introduce the joy and benefits of learning music to these communities through the implementation of sustainable music education programs.

Founder of Keys of Change Panos Karan was educated at the Royal Academy of Music in London. He made his professional debut performance at the Southbank Centre at the age of 19. Other performances have included the Hermitage Theatre, Athens Concert Hall, Vienna Konzerthaus and Carnegie Hall. In 2009 he recorded Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 3 with the Orion Symphony Orchestra.

In order to do this, Keys of Change hopes to raise a target amount of 88 thousand dollars to be able to make a real difference to the music education of those communities visited along the way.



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